Written By Sarah Garcia; Cover Art By Drea Loredo

To play, simply click on the links throughout! The game will save your progress if you reload the page, so play through to an ending to restart the narrative.

In terms of length, this game is the shortest of all in this collection. It was written with this explicit purpose in mind, with each of the main storylines that lead to the final endings in these three narratives being individual works of flash fiction and adding up to exactly 500 words each. I did this to have these stories be easily digestible and to explore queer stories as not just these grandiose, lengthy tales but also existing as these small, heroic moments. I tapped into the superhero genre here to represent queer people as heroes and show how the discrimination they face takes extreme bravery and strength. I specifically touched on bisexual identity in particular in this piece to vent my own personal frustrations as a bisexual woman. My choice to have three different protagonists was partially fueled by my decision to aesthetically incorporate all three colors from the bisexual pride flag (with each protagonist also having a name relating to said color), but it was also influenced by a desire to explore bisexual identity through the differing gender perspectives of a woman, a non-binary person, and a man. These categories intersect and make various negative stereotypes (i.e. sexually experimenting, binaries, and spreading disease) emerge where they may not for people of another gender identity. Through the medium of Twine, I was able to allow these stories to go off into various, branching paths and let some choices be very arbitrary while also letting the player have some agency in how they wish for each of these narratives to end. Used by both Anna Anthropy and Porpentine in their games, Twine’s existence has helped usher in a number of queer narratives where the possibilities are endless, from the smallest to the lengthiest stories imaginable. It has also allowed me to again incorporate multiple endings, where queer notions of time seep in as typical heroic journeys are subverted and rendered anticlimactic by simple choices that allow the player to screw up over and over until they eventually reach the happiness and narrative fulfillment they desire.


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